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5 Reasons GreenGeeks is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider

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WordPress is one of the world’s most popular and powerful content management systems. It’s ease of use and customization make it perfect for creating a website regardless of a user’s skill level. But to get the most out of the system, you need a powerful host to back it up. Fortunately, GreenGeeks automates much of the process letting web developers, content writers and small businesses focus on what they do best while leaving optimization of WordPress hosting platform aspects to us.

Here are five reasons why GreenGeeks is one of the best WordPress hosting providers on the planet:

1) One Click Installation of WordPress

WordPress installation is the first step necessary to launch any site. Unfortunately, this process requires that a number of moving parts be available and connected. Before a site launches, the server must meet many requirements, including the availability of a correctly optimized and secure database settings.

A requirement for being one of the best WordPress hosting options include Softaculous, a 1-click installer to vastly simplify this process. Our WordPress hosting servers are correctly configured and optimized to run sites efficiently. An installation program launches WordPress sites with a single click of the mouse.

Database connections are correctly configured and secured, and new WordPress sites are available instantly.

No one developing a WordPress site wants to concern themselves with the details of making it run well. They just want the underlying hardware to do its job. Further, many users need dozens or hundreds of separate sites. And performing the same installation steps over and over is an inefficient use of valuable time.

Our 1-click WordPress installer simplifies the process allowing new websites to take shape in mere moments.

2) GreenGeeks Automates WordPress Updates

Installing WordPress is only part of setting up a great website. Unfortunately, the popularity of WordPress makes it a tempting target for hackers. It is not uncommon to discover security flaws which are exploited to damage websites.

WordPress developers fix these flaws quickly, making it crucial to keep sites running the latest release. In reality, keeping files updated is among the easiest ways to keep your WordPress site secure.

Much like installation, upgrading WordPress manually is also a time-consuming process. Sites must first be shut down such that the database can be upgraded without corruption from any posts or comments that might be submitted during the update.

New code must be downloaded in place and databases must be upgraded to account for any changes.

Finally, sites are re-enabled under the latest version. This may not seem troublesome for a single site, but it quickly becomes frustrating for a dozen or more. It’s common for many to let sites linger on older, unsecure versions of WordPress.

Automatic upgrades is another reason GreenGeeks is one of the best WordPress hosting options available. Our systems monitor WordPress itself for new releases. Upon discovering a change, the new code is downloaded and the site is disabled.

After applying the upgrade, everything is enabled again and a notification about the successful change is sent without involvement from the site owner. This is an optional feature that can be enabled or disabled depending on your preference.

Hackers and cyber criminals are constantly looking for easy targets. Since WordPress security vulnerabilities are widely available and publicized, they are easy to exploit soon after they become available.

Without automatic upgrades, your content and user information is put at great risk. Don’t think of it as “if” your site will be attacked, but “when.”

3) Enhanced Security

While it is great that known WordPress vulnerabilities are quickly fixed, unknown flaws are also worth defending against. Even though specific details of how WordPress might be compromised aren’t known, the mechanisms used to discover and utilize them can be defended against by solid server security.

Unfortunately, crafting the right security configuration is tough. Too little security is worthless in preventing the use of unknown WordPress vulnerabilities, It also wastes time while creating a false sense of well-being.

Overly secure configurations cause server errors and block necessary functionality such as commenting. This may tempt site owners to remove necessary safeguards or to disable them entirely.

We host thousands of WordPress websites. We monitor these platforms closely, which gives us a unique look into hack attempts. In turn, we actively work to prevent these issues for our customers.

GreenGeeks crafts certain rules so site developers don’t have to. This lets owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their posts will not be unintentionally deleted, modified or website defaced.

Enhanced security also helps defend against attacks that aren’t exactly aimed at WordPress itself, such as those from bots and spam attacks.  For instance, we help prevent frequent spam comments or attempts to determine login credentials via brute force.

4) Automated Nightly Backups

The best security sometimes isn’t enough. Even with the latest version of WordPress, or despite the best security settings, sites may still be attacked. Even if a site is entirely secure, data may accidentally be deleted. Even a configuration change may alter how the site functions through the use of certain plugins or themes.

Creating regular backups is one of the many tasks typically neglected by website developers. Backing up manually takes time, and is sometimes an error-prone process. In particular, backing up WordPress’ database is challenging for those who do not understand the process.

It is easy to do so in a way that yields corrupt files which cannot be recovered.

Finally, backups must be stored such that they are not lost when they are needed and in a way that makes them readily available.

GreenGeeks automatically creates backups of your entire web hosting account nightly. Not only are databases backed up correctly, but custom plugins and themes are saved so they can be instantly restored by simply contacting our support.

Should the worst happen, running sites on the best WordPress hosting platforms available ensures that they can be brought back from total destruction looking as pristine as they did when first created.

As an added bonus, you can use other backup methods from WordPress itself to add to your recovery and safety practices.

5) Powerhouse Enterprise WordPress Servers

The server is the hosting foundation of WordPress. Without a solid server, databases respond slowly when queried for post and comment content. Web servers struggle to render content inside themes, and sometimes the code fails to run.

If servers are poorly configured, visitors are discouraged by slow or absent sites. Companies which rely on WordPress for their business experience decreased revenue and engagement.

GreenGeeks pays close attention to server infrastructure. Databases are optimized to respond lightning fast. Web servers are built to cache queries that change less often than they are read, such as lists of posts and page content.

The result is a website that quickly and efficiently loads. Furthermore, code and database failures are noticed quickly. Our 24/7 server administrators resolve issues promptly and correctly.

Our servers exist within data centers, the best of which feature climate control and fire suppression to keep things cool and fast. Nimble processors and modern network infrastructure ensure that WordPress sites are served quickly.

In essence, the only thing a business using our servers needs to worry about is creating content and engaging the visitor.

GreenGeeks features SSD-Accelerated RAID-10 local storage arrays that allows for blazing fast website performance and reliability. In addition, we use built-in caching technology to store frequently accessed files in memory which further supports performance.

We’ve also performed countless other tweaks which has allowed GreenGeeks to have some of the fastest WordPress hosting in the industry. We have seen 50-100% page load speed increases since implementing our new updates from legacy server infrastructure.

We always test new hardware setups to ensure we can continue to provide the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting.

Empower Your WordPress Hosting Today

Many factors are essential components of quality WordPress hosting. Businesses and organizations that focus on these distract themselves from their missions and value propositions. Choosing GreenGeeks as your WordPress web hosting provider will allow you to focus more on your business, building excellent content and growing your brand.

Let us handle the rest. Our WordPress hosting plans start from $3.95 per month and come fully loaded to set you up to flourish online.


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